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This Feels Good Again

Today was great! Full day from 12-6:30pm.

Thank you for signing up for your plans & your programs & for coming in today.

THIS feels good. 🥰




I'm only continuing to work with clients in plans & programs. My spirit said it was time and my spirit is never wrong.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: I've actually been announcing this for over a year (that you won't be able to just randomly bounce in & out every other 6 months-a year) but y'all don't read my emails OR y'all didn't believe me. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I can't do the random sessions anymore, not knowing who's going to book or what we are working on.

I explain over & over how important it is to have a holistic plan & to incorporate sessions, but it's still like "yeah, yeah cleanse me out & I'll see you whenever" energy. That's exhausting.

I've never said one session and you will be good for life. I spend most of the time explaining what is going on with you and why you should consider more sessions to help you.

Now, I only work with clients in plans & programs. This allows me to preserve my energy for the clients who want consistency, instead of worrying about how someone is doing who had ALOT going on, but decided to only do a random session.

You don't do anything in your life one time, but be born & transition. A plan with consistency is how you get to where you are trying to go.

We make time for & spend money on what's important to us. (The nails, the hair, the lashes, the Jordan's, the cars, the watches)

My clients in plans & programs are serious about themselves & their goals. I'm beyond honored to be of assistance on your journeys. 🙏🏾🥰




The new client Reiki + Intuitive Healing & Crystal Reiki + Intuitive Healing Sessions are still available for only a limited time. This means that you can still choose to start with these sessions, if I have never worked with you before.

(For those who have had a session before, the only option to return is to sign up for a plan or program. Thank you. )

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