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This Vibe Won't Drop You

Well, not a problem, a realization. Not really a realization, but confirmation of why it's hard for some of us to find our place of peace.

When the literature doesn't describe you, how can this devotional bring peace to your soul; especially if you are feeling lost in the moment? This could push you further left.

📚Background story: I read a devotional or something inspirational every morning to start my day and many times before bed.

I really liked this devotional. I could tell it was talking about the inner child & that you always have loving Divine guidance providing a safe space for you, even when you are physically alone.

At the end of this excerpt, it basically says, "This is you. Remember the little girl heart inside of you. You are not alone."




💥Nurse Dei-ism:It didn't do nothing for me. 😔 I got lost in the sauce. It would have been PERFECT to leave out "pink cheeks.....wind would blow back her hair."

The entire piece was perfect to get me out of present time and into the space of meditation and imagination.

THEN, they dropped me. 😔

My cheeks ain't rosey or pink no matter how much I smile. 😫They might turn purple if I get slapped or red if I get stung by an insect right in the center of the cheek.

But, other than that, I'm brown.

Always. 😉

My hair blows in the wind now (because I have interlocks) but it didn't blow in the wind when I was a little girl. It was a short afro & then a burned on the edges press & then a burned scalp perm....& it was short. It didn't blow. And it just started blowing a few years ago when my locs got longer. If I'm honest, I was so thrilled about that! Alll of my life my hair didn't blow in the wind, but why does it have to?


You see how literature that is supposed to help you can send you left? You see how providers who are supposed to help you can send you left? You see how the help is often not even talking to you?

Yes, you can just insert your own description of self....but why can't the helpers just speak to you?

The description above could have said,"rounded smiling cheeks & the wind kissed her hair." I can get with that. I could still float off, meditate, and elevate.

Yes, we are talking to a certain client when we do this work. I am not for everybody, but even when I say that my clients are all colors.

My clients resonate with the energy. In this holistic space, we still provide services to those who seek the particular services that we provide. However, if something is written for all people or presented as helping all people, it should speak to all people.

For example, a book or a provider can certainly say, "I help ( description of persons)__ with _____." However, if it's not mention in this way it can be hurtful to read self-help literature that literally leaves you out. THIS is why it is important to 🗣FIND YOUR VIBE! Your vibe won't drop you. It is a safe place to realize, to let go, and to heal. My clients are colorful, but we all strive for the same fulfilling life that looks a certain way. We vibe. 🥰

Do you vibe with the information on these pages? This is a safe space for you. Click the link below and fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1.

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