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To Stay in Alignment You Have to Let Things Fall Away

Take your hands off!

Allow things to align.

Simply because you have been doing the work to align with your purpose path does not mean everyone you meet on the path will be in alignment with your purpose.

It is up to you to keep the course. You know what you were Divinely ordained to do. Do not deviate.

The Universe will weed it all out, if you just take your hands off.

Fulfillment is a promise of purpose.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: There is no reason for anyone to not be fulfilled. You should be paying attention to how you feel and Doing Everything Intuitively®️

If it ain't feeling right, or it ain't what you wanted, baby let that thang fall away.👋🏾

Alignment feels good. Don't hold onto to anything that ain't holding on to you.

How are you holding on?

By making changes to the plan. The plan is the plan. When you deviate here and there you gone find yourself where you don't want to be.

Gone think you're on the way to peace, but you're on the way to burn out avenue. 😉




Baby, I ain't ever done anything that didn't align with me. If I realize it doesn't align, I quit. 😁

Not literally walk out...but I make changes. Always have. That's why I can sing & dance everyday, because I D.E.I. Doing Everything Intuitively®️

It has to be fulfilling or I'm going to make it fulfilling & I'm ok with however that flows.

When things realign it feels so good. I can literally take a deep breath & continue to sing my happy songs. 🥰

I feel so relieved that my vision, the true vision continues. 🙌🏾




Are you listening to yourself?

Are you paying attention to how you feel?

There's no excuse for being unfulfilled.

You are in charge of change.

Afraid of what change looks like?

Need a plan & a Holistic Program to move you through that change with harmony & ease?

Fill out an application for the Listening Hands®️ Elevation Program.

The waitlist opens on the Elevation Plus program on 10/1

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