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Toxicity Can Be Confused For Passion

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The most toxic relationships are often described as "passionate, intense, & exciting."🤔


❗️Because you may not even realize that you are romanticizing a toxic situation.

Why don't you realize it❓️

1️⃣ Because so many people do it.

2️⃣ Because this toxic situation simply makes you feel.

3️⃣ Because you neglect to acknowledge the true emotions that you are feeling.

When we are not in tune with our true emotions, we can often confuse the present emotion for one that is more favorable.

Ex. In this toxic situation your:

Anger (due to incompatible energy) ➡️ turns into "passion."

Fear (of getting caught) ➡️ turns into "excitement."

Sadness (because you both are emotionally unavailable or physically unavailable) ➡️ turns into "desire."

Loneliness (because the toxic relationship still doesn't fulfill you) ➡️ turns into "feelings for him/her and/or love."

The reality is, when this happens, you usually know the true emotion that you are feeling. However, because you presently have a void in some area(s) of your life, you unintentionally opt to change the emotion into something more favorable to satisfy your desires and fill the void(s).

Let this Nurse Dei-ism break it down for you⬇️😉😁




💥Nurse Dei-ism: You know that mane ain't right for you.

But, everytime you talk to him, or argue with him you get a lil twange somewhere in your body ( you think for him).

It ain't for him. 😁

If that twange was taken care of, you wouldn't feel nothing arguing with a foo that really gets on your nerves.

That's why that foo been around all of these years, simple because of that lil twange you felt here and there.

Guess what? You'd feel that twange with somebody else if you allowed what needs to fall away to fall away so that your spaces are open for someone else to enter.

Heart & mind spaces that is 😉. Not that space down there.🤭

You too worried about that sacral chakra (hip space) being filled so you keep arguing & dealing with somebody who's unavailable and energetically incompatible to you, because you have learned to find toxicity "exciting."

Poor trauma filled child (we all are).

BUT, we learn & choose better.

(Click the link in below ⬇️)

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