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Transform Your Life

I cannot & I do not work with everybody. 🚫

I've always been protective of my energy, but after this chapter the process is even more protected.

‼️Please fill out the application at the bottom of my website if you would like to work with me on your healing/manifesting journey.

Your application will be reviewed & you will get a response for a video consultation within 1 BUSINESS day. (Weekends & holidays excluded).




💥Nurse Dei-ism: When you're like, "well I've been following @nursedei now for over 3 years.

I guess I'll gone and book an appointment."

You are carrying ALOT. ALOT.

I can't work with everyone.

There's a HUGE dump that happens on the first session. It's expected & should happen.

But you have to want MORE for yourself.

You WILL feel amazing after that dump, but you will also need to follow the plan of care to continue on your healing journey.

New client after client dumping is not the flow. I'm not doing it. 🚫

If you are ready to see better for yourself & in your life, the link is in the bio.




What do I do?

✅️Read energy

✅️Check & clear blockages

✅️Cleanse your energy & Aura

✅️Help you to be empowered in your authentic self

✅️Help you connect with your purpose

✅️Formulate a Care Plan for you to follow to fully heal

✅️Spiritual Readings

✅️Spiritual Counseling

✅️Help you Manifest Higher in your situation

✅️Help you determine what has been holding you back & Help you break through those barriers

✅️Help you plug into this Earth so that you don't feel Depression/Anxiety/not ideal/disconnected

✅️Give you intuitive messages (information floating in your aura, trauma, inner child, what energies are around you etc. )

The sessions are the truth!💪🏾💫 😉

That's why I can't work with everybody because I'm opening myself up to so much. Thank you for understanding. 🤗

If we're meant to work together, see you soon! 💛

Oh & I'll be out on Maternity leave very soon. 😉

*Sessions available virtually & In person. Virtual sessions receive a significant discount. 🤑

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