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Understanding the Ego is the Greatest Knowledge

EVERYBODY has an ego.

Some bigger than others, some smaller than others.

True knowledge is understanding how the ego works. 😉

When you understand the ego:

🤔You understand people.

🤔You understand yourself

🤔You understand business.

🤔You understand relationships.

🤔You understand this life.

We are having a physical experience as humans and humans have egos!

This means that when you show that you understand someone you get better responses. When you acknowledge the unique parts of a person, you get better responses.

This also means when you acknowledge the unique parts of yourself you get better responses.

When someone feels disrespected, they shut down.

Did you know you can also feel disrespected or ashamed when dealing with yourself?

This is why you may come back later and say things like: "Man, that was dumb. Why did I say that? Why did I do it like that? I made a fool of myself!"




💥Nurse Dei-ism:

You've heard it called "social anxiety" and all sorts of terms when you come back and beat yourself up. That's just basic terminology about it all. 😉

That is really your ego speaking when you dive in and look at it from a spiritual standpoint.

The ego doesn't like to be shamed.

The ego doesn't like to "mess up".

The ego is the one saying, "man I don't miss!"

We all miss at times. Missing is just life and leads you to what you were really supposed to hit.

Stop hitting everything 😉🍑🎯 and tell your ego to simmer down.

There are LOTS of things that are SPECIFICALLY for YOU!

When you're hitting everything, you may link up with the wrong thing and be stuck. 😉




Fill out an app in the bio to work with me 1 on 1.

I can help you understand what's going on with you the reason why you feel stuck.

Let's analyze why you aren't connecting with what you truly desire, clean all of that up, and get you on your purpose path.

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