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Using Your Intuition is not Mysterious

You have been conditioned to believe that you don't know what's best for you.

People who do use their intuition frequently (which is VERY normal) are considered weird.

They (whoever they was & still is 😁) attached a term to us like "mystic".

What is mystical about getting a feeling & actually believing in yourself that the feeling is correct? 🤔

The word mystical is derived from the word mysterious.

Is it really "mysterious" to trust yourself?

Is it really mysterious to believe that you have protection in this world?

Is it really mysterious to believe that there is Great Energy outside of your own being that sits high & looks low?




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Clearly birds do this. 🤭 They sit up high & look down low.

If you aren't following me, go ahead & follow @nursedei on Instagram so that you can see the flow of events.🤭

In my video, the pelican teacher was sitting high & looking low. 😁

We can learn a lot from this bird, like:


You have your own inner wisdom. Stop giving your power away, mad at your friend for not telling you that she felt he was no good.

Mad at your momma for not telling you that girl looked a lil shiesty.

Mad at your daddy for not saying they looked like conniving friends.

Mad at your grandma for not telling you that girl had a stank spirit.

Would you have listened anyway?

When people try to give you insight, you act like you know it all & that you can use your own judgment about a situation.

But when you get caught up, you mad like why didn't you tell me what's up & protect me?

Baby girl, you been headstrong. So, use that head to make your own decisions.

Mr. Know It All, you been running around, doing what you wanna do. So use that same energy to discern if she's more than the physical.



People want advice after the fact.

Why not get guidance before the fact or during the fact? 😁⬇️

Working with me, you will learn how to use your own intuition to make decisions that lead to the best outcomes.

Your intuition is your protection & guidance. It is NOT mysterious.

It's you. You just ain't been listening, parlaying your way into a situation.⬇️

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