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Vibrate Higher For Real

Did you know that the emotions you experience can indicate whether you're vibrating high or low?

All of the emotions/feelings on the lower half of the chart above are high frequency emotions.

You got it...if you feel the opposite of those feelings then you are vibrating lower at those times.

So, you must do something about it or you will stay vibrating at a lower frequency & attracting experiences into your life on that level.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: So yup, when you are FRUSTRATED & FUSSING at everyone about how they are "vibrating low" because they won't support your small business....YOU my friend are actually vibrating low.

We can't just run around using words trying to make folks think we know what they mean.

Cause bay-bee we over here who actually study it are looking at you like 👀 you obviously don't know what "vibrating low or high" means.

It ain't a fad y'all. It's a way of life.

Nobody is vibrating high ALL the time.

Although I created a shirt that I wear out the wahzoo nearly every day that says "I vibe at a higher frequency"

It basically means, I make sure I vibe at a higher frequency. When I feel crappy, I do something about it to elevate my vibration.

Want to know more? Come holla at me. (By appointment only 😁 virtually & In person)

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