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What Listening Hands™ Holistic Therapy Really Means

The name Listening Hands™ Holistic Therapy @listeninghands1 is so deep.

It came to me while I was on a healing table receiving healing for myself.

The words just floated into my mind & I "received" the information that I should open a business called "Listening Hands". I was "told" to combine all of these healing modalities under the umbrella of Listening Hands & the Healings & Manifesting that would come forth would be phenomenal.

I decline interviews & articles because my story is so personal, & slightly unbelievable (for some).

(For some) It falls in the category of "woo-woo" & I really don't want to deal with that, because for me, it falls into the category of nothing short of spectacular. DIVINE guidance indeed. 🙏🏾💫

The story of Listening Hands is told every day, by every client & even those who have been watching & haven't connected completely yet. The story is told & through @listeninghands1 all of us have been blessed abundantly.

I'm so thankful I received the message and listened. 🙏🏾🥰💫 @listeninghands1

Opened in 2019.



People have called me all sorts of terms these days. Please don't call me a Prophet or any of those terms. I'm just me. 🙈 The same little girl who hid in the closet because I felt too much & knew things, but told no one why I was crying....because it wouldn't make sense that it was simply because I could sense. 🙏🏾

My Listening Hands go deeper. Your aura talks. It's time to listen.





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