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What Makes Me Qualified to Help You?

🟠ENTREPRENEUR: Yep, got it out the mud. A lot of things I didn't know, but trial & error....and prayer 🤭 have kept us going.

🟠HOLISTIC NURSE: This means I've studied the Western Medicine & Eastern Medicine sides of things. This is INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE & HOLISTIC THERAPY

🟠INTUITIVE HEALER: This means I have the "gift" (as people call it) to feel what is going on with you & know what to do to help your situation. All of my experience, knowledge, studies, & heritage also come into play with this work.

🟠MARRIAGE OFFICIANT: Eeek 😬 Yes, technically that means I'm ordained. 😬🤭 I'll probably never identify as a minister cause I ain't gone act right. Ministers get judged too hard. I just (ad)minister this knowledge & healing. 🤣

Get it? Nurse + minister = administer.....🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Whatever y'all ain't get it. 🤭🤣

🟠REIKI MASTER & TEACHER: This means I actually conduct Reiki sessions, but I also teach classes & brings others into the Reiki family.

🟠CERTIFIED NURSE CASE MANAGER: Means I had to work a certain amount of years as a Registered Nurse & Case Manager then take this hard butt test to receive the board certification.

I'm sure I missed something. 🤭

‼️And after all of that, the credentials & letters in front of & behind my name don't matter. It's really about that vibe check.💫✔️

Do you vibe with the flow & the knowledge I'm dropping on these posts & videos?

Yep, because I'm the one for the job! 🙋🏾‍♀️

Let's work! 💪🏾

Fill out an application at & in the bio.

I have options to get you in the seat, whether in office or virtually. HMU, let's talk about it.

‼️Many of you tell me the Sezzle payment plan won't approve you. 🤔You can set up a payment plan for your needs directly through my office.

‼️Even more options coming soon to help you qualify for my services.

Let's get you out of the trenches & on top of the mountains of fulfillment. 😁

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