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When You Say "Narcissist" Do You Really Explore Yourself?

🤔When it comes to my clients, I want real conversations....feelings....unpacking.

Don't tell me, "He was a narcissist always gaslighting me?"


Ok you heard that somewhere, but WHAT did he DO? HOW did it make you FEEL?

Describe the dynamics & how it affected you so that we can work on releasing that.

A lot of times, when you are throwing these terms out there, you still haven't dealt with your true feelings.

Using those words to explain it all way, actually doesn't break down the situation to explain how YOU got there with THEM.

How did it happen? What part did you play or not play? How are we going to unpack this, release it, and allow you to be open to more meaningful relationships & friendships?

Be careful using these terms. You may start to just lump everybody together and feel like narcissists are everybody. What kind of feelings will you have towards life then?




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Unless you are a therapist, I ask that you refrain from those words. 🤭

I don't even use them as an Intuitive Life Coach, and when my clients use them, I try to redirect to the true feelings of the scenario.

Like, ok? So what does that mean they did and how did you respond?

Also guess what? Most people have some "narcissistic traits."

Did you know that? Especially most successful people. So it's deeper than everybody is a narcissist. That diagnosis is based on many traits.

YOU need to examine your feelings decide to unpack that & then you will stop running through life sked that you will get bitten by a gaslighting narcissist zombie. 🧟‍♀️🧟




And if you are a therapist and you have identified several narcissists in your life, you still need to unpack the feelings behind those terms.

What happened to allow you to identify those traits? What was your response? How did you feel & how do you currently feel when having to deal with them?

How will you deal with these scenarios in the future without shutting yourself down & categorizing all people. 😉




This is part of the work that we do.

Get at me.

Fill out the application.

Yes, I have SEVERAL clients who are therapists & doctors. We work together to elevate!

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