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Why a Spiritual Life Coach?

If you believe that life is more than what we can see with our eyes, then you need your Life Coach and Therapist to be SPIRITUAL!✨️✨️




I was talking to a client the other day who comes to me for Crystal Reiki + Intuitive Healing Sessions & she said she told her Life Coach (through the insurance at her job) that her Blood Pressure was severely elevated.

The Life Coach basically said, "Oh ok. Did you tell your doctor? What did the doctor say?" and went on to talk about goals & daily life.

(Elevated BP has a physical component, but is also DIRECTLY related to stress which means there are mental & spiritual components. )

She also said this Life Coach doesn't give her any tools or anything to do at home so that she can continue helping herself. 🤔 That's a problem, yet that is the norm.




I get it y'all. We believe insurance is the way for our healthcare needs because that's what we are taught. "Get a job with good benefits" ie health insurance etc.

BUT, did you know? 🤔

🛑Insurance rarely covers any type of Holistic health care.

🛑Insurance forces the Practitioner to follow certain protocols & document on you a certain way. (Templates, if you will, for each patient. Are all patients made alike? )

🛑Insurance only covers a certain amount & limits the type of activities/services the Practitioner can do with you.

Have you seen the revenue insurance companies bring in? Do you think the Healthcare system is focused on healing or......._____ (I better hush my mouth. 🤫) 🤔

That is why I am not interested in applying to be affiliated with any insurance companies. I came from Case Management at an insurance company. It doesn't align with my practice.

Thank you for investing in yourselves & understanding that Holistic care is far more valuable than anything! Your mind, body, AND spirit are important to your overall wellness.

You ACTUALLY healing is worth more than protocols that suppress & medicate symptoms without Healing insight.

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