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Women and Men Cheat for the Same Reasons

We need to drop the narrative that women don't cheat and that it's only men.

We also need to drop the excuse that women cheat due to the man not doing XYZ.

Men and women cheat for the same reasons.

The number one reason for EVERY cheater is... (drumroll) there's a deeper problem.

Cheating is a coping mechanism for something being awry.

So, men & women cheat, because they have chosen to use this as a coping mechanism for whatever they feel the "problem" is.

Usually the perceived problem, from both parties, is feeling like they are missing out on something.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: This is facts. I don't care what y'all say. 😏

These men be cheating & lying.

These women be cheating and lying too.

Each one feels like they are missing something or missing out on something.

It will continue until women start being honest that they cheated because they wanted to. (It's not the man's fault).

And it will continue until men start being honest that they cheated because they wanted to. (It's not the woman's fault).




You can choose to cope differently and make a better decision that aligns with you.

The problem is not working on healing & not knowing who you are.

Nope, you don't know who you are. Cause if you really wanted to be all out here, you could easily be for the streets.

But naw, you wanna be wifed and be tossing it.

You want to be hubbied & be slanging it.

Just be who you are. 😏 You wanna be with everybody and that resonates with you, do it. Be happy.

But if you out here talking bout you got a ring on it (and mongamous), but when you get mad you ain't got nothing on it, you got issues.

You don't know how to cope when you are mad. 😉




Of course you know ⬇️

I can help with that. 😁



💫I am Nurse Dei: Holistic Nurse & International Intuitive Coach. ⬇️



💛I help people do what truly resonates with them, feel amazing, & reach their goals! Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1.

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