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You Don't Have to Keep Repeating the Same Parts of Your Story

Telling your story can certainly help someone else heal, especially if they are able to witness your breakthrough.

However, when you keep telling the same story, you might need to ask yourself if you are actually healing or if you are stuck on that part of your life.



💥Nurse Dei-ism: If you're still in the mess, full on thick & haven't come out, how can people learn from your story?

You could make a decision to actually change direction instead of yapping while you're trudging down into the valley.

You can't even see which way you're going, because you're too busy looking around encouraging others to follow you.

Are you healing or are you stuck?

Are you elevating or are you walking head first into a valley?

Sometimes, you need to hush & stop pretending like all is well trying to lead the masses.

Stop & lead yourself away from the fire. 🔥🚶🏾‍♀️😉




There are a lot of parts of my life that people might not ever know.

Like, why I can help you with:

✅️ Heartache

✅️ Remarrying after Divorce

✅️ Postpartum emotions

✅️ Overcoming racism

✅️ Major career change

✅️ Family mediation

✅️ Addiction

✅️ Abusive parent

✅️ Lack of motivation

✅️ Unable to focus

✅️ Spiritual journey

✅️ Lack Emotional Intelligence

✅️ Dreaming bigger than the world allows

Man, the list goes on & on & on.

There are so many things that I've seen in my life that I LITERALLY can't keep repeating the same story. I would leave SO much out.

Being able to release the energy of my story, let's me know how much I can help you. My story is true experience for how there is ALWAYS a way out.

Can't sit down in the 💩 & keep talking bout how it smells. Gotta move! 😉



Creators don't make all of your marketing about what you've been through. Yes, you're trying to niche it down to your exact audience. However, if you talk about what you used to do, all day everyday....every post every conversation, are you really out of it? Are you really emotionally out of it?

Maybe you don't need to be a "divorce, sex addiction, or narcissist recovery" coach. Maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be that type of coach for your own sanity & peace. 😉

Get at me ⬇️

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