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You Need Sessions For The Secret to Manifesting

💥Nurse Dei-ism: Cause you ain't ready.

I don't know why anyone would think you can get the full flow of my knowledge & what I do from following posts....but a lot of people feel that way.

"I'm just going to use all of these posts & apply them to my life, cause these are free!" 🤭


🤔What you got on yo head?

Bundles, wigs, braids, locs

🤔What you got in yo hand?

That iPhone, that same Samsung, that big ole flip open phone that cost a grip (that my husband bought me 🤦🏾‍♀️ I do love it though 🤭)

🤔What you got on yo feet?

Those Jordans, those Yeezy's, those Red Bottoms, those Designer's

🤔What you got on your arm?

That bag, that watch

But you wanna get your life with free social media posts?

Make it make sense.

These posts are to let you know I know what I'm talking about & I know how to make it do what it does.

It's free content to help you daily, here & there. It's not the full answer to what you're trying to heal from or what you're trying to manifest.

Why not?

Cause you ain't ready. You still playing & if you're still playing you need guidance. Can't just drop all of this knowledge and let you go off & fly open your third eye. 🤭

There's a process to all of this. It's called balance & alignment and keeping you grounded while connecting to your purpose path & showing up as your Higher Self (the you that you wanna be).

So thanks for following. But come. 😉

You ain't getting nothing but a chip (not even the tip) of the iceberg from these lil memes I make. 😉😁




Oh yeah & thanks for seeing me in the streets & blowing & waving also letting me know you follow me on here when you see me at the gym. I REALLY REALLY appreciate that beyond words. It's like getting employee of the month at work! 🤭 THANK YOOOOUUUUU! LOVE YOU. SEE YOU SOON!

‼️Virtually or in person by appointment only.

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