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You Should Want to Witness Someone Else's Smile

If you step back & let happy energy flow, it will flow.

What are you holding onto that is taking the place of your happiness?

Positive energy & negative energy are like oil & water. They don't mix.

You must let go of the negative in order for the positive to flow.

If this is difficult for you, you want to get connected to someone who is overflowing in happy energy. Positive energy vibrates higher. If you are connected to someone who is overflowing in positive, happy energy, their energy can lift you up.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: If you are feeling down, it can feel good to kick it with other people who are also feeling down....but what are you really doing?

Just like we say, in a relationship, two broken people can't heal each other; the same goes for a friendship.

A friendship is a relationship. Yes, it feels good to connect with someone who is also down, but how can they help you?

Sitting by the fire eating marshmallows shaped like your exes' heads ain't gone bring y'all to a place of healing. 😏

What do you really want? 🤔⬇️

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