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You Still Need to Use Your Intuition Even After You Pray

So, you prayed for a ____________ and you're thrilled because you feel your prayers WILL be answered.

This time is beautiful!

Yet, you must know, just because you prayed, this doesn't mean the next thing that shows up will be the answer.

You still need to use your intuition for discernment. Keep your heart open, but don't run in head first without assessing the situation.

After a prayer, give thanks for your intuition (Divine Guidance) right inside of you that will continue to lead the way daily.




Are you having trouble listening to your intuition?

Are you afraid of what comes next, because you have made some choices that did not go well?

I can help you learn to connect with your own inner guidance. ⬇️

Learn to use your intuition & you wouldn't be afraid to make decisions.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: So you prayed, now you hopping on everythang.

Guuuurrrl! That ain't yo husband! Get off of him! 😏

That ain't who you prayed for. You can't ride into marriage. 😏🤭

Marriage is not a horse ride that you can control, kick, & it will carry you into the sunset.

You just jumped on a donkey. He gone kick you off then you gone say dudes ain't 💩

You prayed for a stallion, 🐎but straddled a donkey. 🫏

Ain't nobody tell you to do that!

You can't blame that on him. You can't blame that on God.

You ignored your intuition cause I'm sure your Divine voice didn't say tackle him.

You are DIVINE my love. The Divine moves with grace.

Move gracefully, stop running & jumping in everything. Stop using your prayers as an excuse to long jump the next day.

Pray & proceed gracefully. Divine guidance will ALWAYS speak...IF you give it time AND listen.




My brothers stop being rolley polleys rolling around with everybody who gets close to you & stop approaching anybody & everybody.

That's gross.

If you act like a bug 🐛 under a log, you gone end up with a slug. 🐛🤷🏾‍♀️

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