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You Will Get Left Following Trends

I made a video a couple of years ago where I said, "This is the time of the Great Awakening. People are waking up & seeing more. People are wanting more for their lives."

If you don't start working on yourself & putting your mind, body, & soul first, you WILL get left behind following the trends.

You will have spent out on the next big trend (big nails, big wig, big car, big house) & look up & the world will be back to afros, no nail polish, riding bikes, & laying up under the stars in tiny houses & tents.😉

Trends change.

Look at the music. Artists are talking about more: energy, third eye, meditation, prayer...Diddy, Kodak Black, Drake.

Then you have Kendrick Lamar, Londrelle, Jhene Aiko, J. Cole, I could go on & on who always spit spiritually.

I said years ago, "It's the time of the Great Awakening. What's important to you? Are you important to you?"




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Something like that. 🤭 I say a lot of stuff all the time so I can't remember exactly...but I know the first part of the statement was verbatim.🤣

I stay running my mouth, but I don't say I'm predicting.

I'm just saying what I feel just like, Yoooo, it's getting colder outside.

Duh, fall is coming right?

Yep, that's how I feel things. Like duh...we're going into this and that.

Or you're going through this & that, do this & that.

It seems like I'm just running my mouth & having a casual conversation, but I ain't. 😁

I feel.

This is why I'm selective & protect my energy. I'm SUPER friendly and nice.

Yet, I don't just run up & have random conversations anywhere and everywhere.


Cause I ain't tryna feel nothing. 🤭 I'll smile & reciprocate, but I'll end it quick if I'm not in the mood.

This is also why @listeninghands1 is appointment only.

Just being in the building is part of the process. It's not the same as other places where you can sit in the lobby & pop gum. 😁

Once you're connected to the energy, it's healing. Once you're connected to me, I'm feeling?

The trends are changing loves. What are you spending on?

I promise you, it's going to deteriorate & be floating in the wind.

You are most important. How are you feeling?⬇️

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