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Your Business Journey is a Spiritual Journey

If you're trying to manifest anything positive, (especially in your finances) you need to understand that this is a spiritual journey.

Manifesting higher is spiritual.

You're getting to know self & aligning with self so that you can manifest everything for YOU.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it's the illusion of knowledge".- Unknown

If you thought you needed a business coach when you were trying to start your business or get more money, you were wrong.

They were wrong as well (& didn't even know it).

That was the illusion of knowledge. That's why you wasted your money on coaches & courses & made no moves with it.

(The coaches know this will happen to the majority of people, but their job was done. You never realized your journey was spiritual; instead of a business journey).

Once you merge your spiritual journey with your business journey your manifesting will be major...because you will simply be aligning with everything that's for you. 😉




This is what I help my clients do. My work is confidential which is why I don't post clients' businesses etc. It ain't nobody's business who helped them get all their ideas together and get started.

I do what I do. Get at me. (By appointment only. 😁)

Click the link in the bio to fill out an application to work with me.

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