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Your Evolution Occurs Daily

Sometimes, when people watch your elevation, they don't appreciate your value.

Until they see tons of others recognizing your value. 😁

People are so quick to minimize your gifts and your impact in the world.

The beauty about connecting with your purpose is that it doesn't matter if you just got on your purpose path yesterday. Abundance flows. 😉



💥Nurse Dei-ism: Trust me. The day my website went live almost 4 years ago I got my first booking and it was for a Reiki Session.

Again, I was like, "Whoa God!?!?"

I didn't even have my consent form put together yet. I had just gotten the business license the day before.

Quite frankly, I was slick scared. I was sked! 🤣 Like am I ready? Can I do this?

Confirmation was given, yep, you're ready. This has been you your entire life. You just chose to finally walk in it ( and not hide behind a nursing degree, inside of some hospital walls 😉)

You see, I knew I was a healer at a young age, but we are taught to do life a certain way. It's automatic to follow certain processes.

Little me said I wanted to be ALOT of things. One of them was "a doctor to help people."

In college, I learned I didn't want to stress myself out like that with years & years of intense schooling. Plus, I'm bad with math 🤭 so I switched to nursing.

Being a nurse was certainly part of my purpose path. However, when I stood up in my true nature and said I wanted to help people doing me, and being myself only @listeninghands1 opened up. 😉

It is me being "a doctor to help people" in my own right. 🙌🏾

Some people call themselves a "witch or a witch doctor." I actually despise those terms. I know what they mean, but the negative connotation & the stigmas still cause negative effects with people being afraid of their own abilities to heal.

Plus, historically healers started to be attacked by large groups with ulterior motives to make everyone think the same and fall in line. They stripped us of natural healing practices and applied the term "witch."

I ain't no witch. I'm a healer. I work with light. God Energy.

The confirmation that you're in your purpose is in the pudding. 😉



Need help connecting with your abundant flow?

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