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Your Intuition is your Guide

Your intuition is your guide.

When you keep finding yourself in unfufilling situations, (or you've never removed yourself from an unfufilling situation) your intuition is blocked. 🚫

🤔Did you know?

You are always being lead to what's for your Highest Good to allow you to live as your Higher Self: fulfilled & surrounded by abundance. 🥰

What happens is we lose our sense of direction & our intuition alarms began to fail, as we fade into the world.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Basically you just start living....or rather existing.

Going day to day, getting done what you have to get done, having some fun here & there; but never truly feeling fulfilled.

This is because you aren't TRULY following your intuition.

It isn't broken. You've just become immune to the alarms because you're doing life.

Now, your intuition alarms have become so faint you can't even determine what is a fire🔥 before you get engulfed in it.

People aren't intentionally doing stuff to you. They're just existing & ignoring their intuition to. 🤷🏾‍♀️

It's up to you to choose differently.




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