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Your Spirit is the Essence of You

Had to go back and pull out some oldies, but goodies because we have some newcomers in this space. Your spirit IS you. When you say, "It didn't sit right in my spirit," you are really saying, "It didn't sit right with me." However, when we say "in my spirit" we mean a little deeper than "with me".. we are talking about a deeper "part" of ourselves. Pretty much it's a for real matter when something doesn't sit right in your spirit. 🤭 We all agree on that. However, when we talk about what SPIRITuality means, we can't agree at all & it becomes a "scary or spooky topic". Y'all SPIRITuality is simply working on your spirit. We just established that the spirit IS you & we all agree that we mean our deeper selves when we use the word spirit in a sentence. Therefore, when you do things that are considered spiritual or part of your spirituality, you are doing that to work on yourself on a deeper level. As I explain all the time, healing on the spiritual level leads to healing of the whole. . . . 💥Nurse Dei-ism: Some of what we were taught got us confused about our true selves. That's why we're having to heal on the SPIRITual level now. It's not my job to change your beliefs or even go to that level & address your belief system. I ain't in it for that. I'm in it to help you heal & manifest your desires. You can pray to a rock if you want or a shoe. That's none of my business. 🤷🏾‍♀️ My business is helping you heal: mind,body, & spirit leading to your ability to manifest these goals that you have on the table. Thassit. That's what I do. Help you get it. 😉 Your spirit IS you. Without your spiritual essence within your body, there would be no life. If you are confused about how important your spirit is to you (yourself) then it's nearly impossible to have self-confidence when you haven't even accepted your SPIRIT (yourself). Healing can be confusing if you haven't even dealt with what you believe about the essence of life. This is when I see people who look like 3 layers of themselves (silhouettes beside the actual person). Essentially, the mind, body, & spirit are in a state of separation.

There's an issue with their belief systems. First & foremost, they dont really know what they believe. It's often because they are going through a spiritual awakening & their beliefs are shifting from what they were taught. So it becomes scary for them & a battle within. Hence, leading to the separation of self. It goes DEEP. Again, it's not my job to change any belief systems or help with the shift & plug in information (from my belief system) that's where a lot of people go wrong. They go to a "healer" who is out here to convert people to their understanding of life & spirituality. That's not it. You don't want to be told what to believe as that can be dangerous & this is your journey. My job is simply to point it out & make you aware of what I see when this battle is a large part of your unfulfillment in that moment. It would be up to you to go within, spend time with self (or in sessions) standing on what you believe, standing up for yourself, and developing a stronger sense of self. THAT'S working on the spiritual level for deeper healing. It's not "spooky" work. I'm a helper & Healer. Not a witch or any of these terms. I work with light (the good) & spiritual counseling. to learn more (this was enough right? 🤣🤭)

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