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Your Worrying Doesn't Change Anything

All these talk about "manifesting" has gotten ALOT of people into the space of actually WORRYING.

They say:

🟥Manifesting is focusing on what you want.

🟥Manifesting is visualizing it really hard.

🟥Manifesting is waking up between 3-4 am every day.

🟥Manifesting is recognizing the numbers 333 or 444 everywhere you turn.

🤔Manifesting is basically being consumed by what you want....according to all of this talk and instruction.

🤔But what happened to living?

A lot of times , when you are doing all of that, you are actually worrying. You are thinking really hard about WHY you need:

✅️ more money

✅️ more time

✅️ more stuff

🤔But what about more peace?

🤔What about aligning with your purpose to be light in this world?🌎 🔦

Your blessings are an example that we have favor, we are always protected, and there is ALWAYS a way.

Your worrying didn't create that way. 😉

Your way was already paved. Just open your eyes and see. 😵🧐




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Baby the way been the way. You just been too busy worrying, crying,....and praying that you couldn't see.

We often think that if we're praying through the worrying it's ok to keep worrying.

NOPE. Your Grandma always said, "If you pray, don't worry." Right???

I know she did! Cause your grandmother was like mine. 🤭😁

If you're praying for what you "need", why you crying?

Ok, ok. Gone and cry one time. I'll give you that. But understand that praying ain't nothing, but a conversation.

I've heard people say, "Learn the art of praying." I honestly don't think there is "an art" just talk straight up. 🤭

Be like, "God (Spirit, however you say it) I'm sked. I got bills. I got kids. They telling me I gotta go buy a lot of tissue again, but Lord I ain't tryna fight over tissue & gas no mo! Please give me your perfect peace, so I ain't running sked from everything I hear on tik tok & socials. God I KNOW you got me. Ion even know why I'm crying right now. You got it. Thank ya Lord. Amen."

BAM! 💥 Perfect peace instantly. 😁

There's peace available to you. The chase is what is causing the worry; not the problem. Stop being INCOME (passive, multiple streams, more)focused & be peace focused.

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