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These beautiful handmade Butterfly Amethyst Earrings are perfect for accessorizing with healing intention.Amethyst is known to help open your third eye, and butterflies are a sign of transformation, new beginnings, rebirth, and hope.


Display these earrings proudly and feel the power of the metaphysical energy they bring to your life. These earrings are a perfect reminder of hope and new beginnings.


Amethyst awakens intuition & higher consciousness which assists with wise decision-making. Amethyst also helps you feel relaxed and gives you peace of mind. This stone works on the crown chakra as well as the third-eye to help you have inner peace and function even in chaotic environments. The color of the stone can range from light lavender to deep violet. This stone is a natural physical and emotional stress reliever.


Use Amethyst to open your intuition & ascend to higher heights while maintaining inner balance!


CHAKRA: Crown, Third-Eye

Butterfly Amethyst Earrings

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Item can be returned within 14 days for an exchange if customer is not completely satisfied with product.

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