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Aquamarine means "Sea water" & embodies the powers of the sea. This is a protective stone that helps to increase courage. It will help you speak your truth in a healthy way. Aquamarine also clears the mind & deepens meditative states. It is used to strengthen psychic abilities.

Aquamarine is infused with feminine energy helping to alleviate tempers & conflict. This stone will also purify your energy to aid in emotional healing as well as physical healing & enhancing immunity.This stone also produces peaceful energy to bring forth harmony & balance in your life.

 CHAKRA:  Throat, Third-Eye 

Copper Wrapped Aquamarine Necklace

  • Handmade Reiki-charged Emerald crystal wrapped in copper. 24 inch cord with copper wrapped ends and lobster claw clasp

    D.E.I. Doing Everything Intuitively™

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