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Blue Onyx is a stone that helps you release physical and mental stress. This stone quiets the mind and can aid in psychic communication. Blue Onyx can open & clear the third eye chakra to increase your intuition. While removing mental obstructions, this stone also helps with spiritual ascension & gaining wisdom.


Blue Onyx is a stone that can give strength to those who are under alot of stress. This stone increases your confidence, amplifies your intentions, and helps you release your fears so that you can reach your goals. 


CHAKRA: Third-Eye, Throat

Copper Wrapped Blue Onyx Necklace

Out of Stock
  • Handmade Reiki-charged Blue Onyx Crystal wrapped in copper. 24 inch cord with copper wrapped ends and lobster claw clasp

    D.E.I. Doing Everything Intuitively™

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