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Carnelian is known as a powerful  stone of good luck. It was used in Ancient Egypt as a stone to increase passion and fertility. This stone can range in color from red to orange and is known as a stone full of energy, just as an orange sunset. 


Carnelian increases courage, self- esteem, and creativity.  Where there is a deficit, Carnelian helps to increase sexual energy.  Because this stone increases and balances energy in the body it can also be used to increase physical performance. Overall, Carnelian can be used to bring forth power and confidence to get your energy flowing to complete projects.


CHAKRA: Sacral 

Copper Wrapped Carnelian Necklace

  • Handmade Reiki-charged Carnelian crystal wrapped in copper. 24 inch cord with copper wrapped ends and lobster claw clasp

    D.E.I. Doing Everything Intuitively™

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