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D.E.I™ Cleansing Room Spray cleanses the room of negative energy, invites in positive energy, abundance, and brings balance to your space.  Also great for public places where you cannot burn sage & other smudge items.


Proprietary Blend of charged distilled water, multiple cleansing oils to include Sage, Aquamarine, & Garnet Crystals. 




Aquamarine means "Sea water" & embodies the powers of the sea. This is a protective stone that helps to increase courage. It will help you speak your truth in a healthy way. Aquamarine also clears the mind & deepens meditative states. It is used to strengthen psychic abilities.


Aquamarine is infused with feminine energy helping to alleviate tempers & conflict. This stone will also purify your energy to aid in emotional healing as well as physical healing & enhancing immunity.This stone also produces peaceful energy to bring forth harmony & balance in your life.


Garnet- Balancing


Garnet ignites your passion and allows you to live a fulfilling life. This stone helps you address whatever is causing you to not feel passionate in your current state. It helps you connect to the earth and stabilize yourself in your purpose.


Garnet empowers you to create passion wherever you are by recognizing that your passion lives within.  This stone allows you to find the sparks in everything to enhance your excitement for life.  You will be able to recognize what makes you feel excitement and develop more passion in your life. 

D.E.I. Doing Everything Intuitively®️ Cleansing Room Spray

  • 4 oz glass bottle with spray top

    Blend of Cleansing oils.

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