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Nuumite works to bridge the spiritual and physical realms allowing deeper knowledge and higher energy to flow. This stone holds the answers to many of life's secrets. Nuumite increases intuition, clairvoyance,  frequency of synchronicities, while bringing out your inner power. It can also increase your mental knowledge & intellect. People will begin to recognize your knowledge and skills even in the workplace. 


Nuumite also clears negative energy and strengthens the aura. Can be used to clear old emotional traumas, karma, & past lives. Nuumite will help you look within yourself to truly address what lies beneath & release any negative energies & emotions .  You will not be able to wait to meditate with this stone! Nuumite is a stone of manifestation that can help you walk in true purpose. 



CHAKRA:  Crown, Third-Eye, Root


  • 1 Nuumite stone

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