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Cleansing Candle carefully created by loving hands.  Cleanse your space with Palo Santo & Sage Candles!  All natural! Use Palo Santo candle to cleanse the negative energy & add in positive, calming energy. Use the Sage candle to cleanse the negative energy & purify the air.  Set an intention, then light the candle....and dance!


Made with Palo Santo Wood blended with essential oils & Sage leaves blended with essential oils for a tantalizing experience.



Created by a Nurse just for you!

Space Cleansing Candle

SKU: 364115376139857
$12.00 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price
  • 4 oz candle made of soybean oil,  palo santo wood or sage leaves, and a unique blend of essential oils.

    *Reusable metal tin

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