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Have you had an Intuitive Healing Session?

Your chakras are your energy centers.

At Listening Hands LLC, @listeninghands1 we work on your energy from mind, body to spirit.

True healing occurs on the spiritual level.

How do you know you would benefit from an Intuitive Healing Session?

🔴You feel "off".

🔴 You feel drained.

🔴 You feel uninspired

🔴 Your level of happiness is low.

🔴 Your physical stress is high. (Your body feels pain or heaviness).

🔴 Your mental stress is high..

🔴 You question your purpose or feel stuck where you are.

🔴 You just can't put your finger on what is going on with you.

Intuitive Healing Sessions with @nursedei include Reiki Healing, Chakra Alignment, messages about why you are feeling the way you feel (discussing past traumas felt in the energy fields etc), spiritual counseling, & education on how you will keep your chakras open going forward.

You will get a massive amount of information about yourself & want to dive in even deeper.

‼️Click the link in the bio to book. Next opening Monday 10/2.

‼️Appointments available virtually and in person

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