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Ineffective Communication

The majority of issues in relationships & friendships are caused by poor communication.

If you don't have an example of what poor communication looks like, look at social media.

On social media, we often respond with:

🔴 Emotion

🔴 Without reading or listening to the whole topic

🔴 Without taking the time to process the information

🔴 Without taking the time to be mindful with our response.

Basically, on social media, a lot of times we do not think before we speak.

Examine your communication with others.

🤔Do you listen in your relationships?

🤔Do you respond reactively or do you respond mindfully?

🤔 Do you take the time to process what has been said to you before reacting?

Communication is key to relationships that reciprocate love & appreciation.

‼️Did you know if you have poor communication skills your throat chakra is likely blocked?

Not speaking your needs clearly & Poor listening skills are both throat chakra issues.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Basically a loud mouth has throat chakra issues.

And a quiet mouth has throat chakra issues. 😉




Learn more at

‼️Appointments for chakra healing, aura cleansing, blockages etc. available virtually & In person.

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