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Some People Will Be Mad That You Walk Confidently

You will always meet people who will be angry that you know who you are.


Because they don't know who they are or they are afraid to be who they want to be.

So, when you walk confidently in who you proclaim to be and who you've always wanted to be, they get very angry.

🗣"How do you think you get to do that?!?"

They yell at you in their minds. 🤭

🗣"Who do you think you are!?!?"

They yell at you in their heads, everytime they think of you.

🗣"Watch! You will see. It's not going to work!"

They hope in their hearts.

🗣 You can't just say who you are and what you deserve!"

But you can. 😉

🗣"NOBODY is going to pay that!"

Yet, they do.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: All day 🥷🏿

(I've been listening to too much gym music. My playlist goes hards! 🤭Definitely gasses me for this path I'm going hard on.) 🤣😁💪🏾

You say who you are.

You show up as who you are.

What you have to offer NOBODY has and NOBODY can do.

I promise you.

That is....if you are walking in your unique purpose, sharing your unique gifts. 😉

Not doing the exact same thing that you saw ole girl do. 😏

That ain't yo purpose Boo. 🤗

Let's get you right. Your inner child tells the answer of who you've always wanted to be and who you are.

We can read that energy and manifest exactly what you said you would do. THAT is where your true manifestation energy lies: in the dreams that you feel in your belly.

All the other stuff you're doing, you're just wasting time.🤷🏾‍♀️




I can help!



💫I am Nurse Dei: Holistic Nurse & International Intuitive Coach. ⬇️



💛I help people feel amazing & reach their goals! Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1 in the Listening Hands®️ Elevation Program.



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