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Stop Being Low Vibrational

💡Guess what?

If you looked at 10 people writing comments on the internet, 9 out of 10 are low vibrational. 😉

When someone posts something, & you say "Well, that would be nice if I was rich."


When someone posts a picture of themselves looking cute, & you say "Well that would be nice if I had the energy to actually put on makeup."


Then, alot of people try to throw in an excuse for why they are making the low vibrational comment.

"Well, that would be nice if I had the energy to actually put on makeup......(here it comes) I just had a baby." 🤦🏾‍♀️

Then, they'll also add in some more to rally for support in being low vibrational.

🗣" I just had a baby....(here it comes)That's the beauty in being a mom. We don't always look beautiful, but we always feel loved."

Then, here comes 80 million moms like "🗣YAS GIRL!" 😏👀👀





💥Nurse Dei-ism: Stop it ma'am. 😏 You are low vibrational....& so are your 80 million amen followers. 🤭

Let that person's post sit in peace without you dragging it down, but feel like you're lifting somebody up because you have tons of people slapping on your comment.

Get this...most people are low vibrational.

Now, you're going to start paying attention. 🤭

At work, they tell y'all you're getting a pizza party.

Somebody gone be like, 🗣That's it. Don't nobody want no pizza!

Somebody else gone be like 🗣They need to give us some mo money.

🗣Somebody else gone be like I bet they ain't even gone get the pizza that I like.

And the whole room is sitting in a big pile of messy low vibrational 💩💩y energy.🤦🏾‍♀️




I can't stand it!

If you notice, all of the ones that have something to say will never transition to anything else.

They won't apply to make more money. They won't apply to be the one choosing the rewards. They won't volunteer to even go pick up the pizza! 🤣

So that's what they get!

Don't be the low vibrational one & don't be the amen corner for that low vibrational one. Because guess what low vibrational means?

When it's all said & done you gone feel low & stay low. 😉 Most people will miss this, because they won't believe that their mouth is the culprit.😉

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