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What Does Spiritual Mean?

So many people are going through spiritual warfares; but when you tell them that they get mad.

"See that's the problem with you church people! You think everything is spiritual! Mental illness is a real thing! It has nothing to do with religion!!! You people should be ashamed saying someone doesn't have mental illness they just need God!"

😏 Who said any of that?

he statement is: People are going through spiritual warfares & don't realize what is going on with them.

he word spiritual has nothing to do with church or religion.

act is, we are breathing & alive because of our spiritual essence within our bodies.

The spirit can be disconnected from the body and/or sick.

EVERYTHING is spiritual.

Mental illness and physical illness are most certainly real...and they are both spiritual conditions as well.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: I never debate. I just share. If it doesn't resonate, then its not for you....🤷🏾‍♀️ yet. 😉

The issue is everybody is trying to own (or disown) the word spiritual.

Religious folks will say, "He was so spiritual so we knew he was supposed to preach."

Non-Religious folks will say, "He was so spiritual so we knew he was supposed to have a career in nature."

If we just look at the word spiritual plainly, instead of trying to own it for one side or the other, we will understand that it means a connection to self: a connection to our essence, our breath, the life within. 😉

The joining of our inner & outer world in harmony.

It's deeper than belief systems or lack thereof.




My momma would be so proud. I didn't use any incorrect English in this Nurse Dei-ism. 🤭😁

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