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Why Do My Best Thoughts Flow at 3:33ish?

My best thoughts flow around 3:33ish.

Why is that?🤔

Well, folks have many theories:

🟡 Some say it's because "the early bird gets the worm."

🟡 Others say it is because it's the "witching hour."

🟡 Others say it is because the veil between dimensions is so thin at this time that you receive assistance from the spirit world.

🟡 Others say it is because you have a sleep disorder & need to pop a pill.

🟡 Others say it is because you have anxiety about the day ahead...& again you need to pop a pill.

🟡 Others say it is God shaking you up to connect & you need to go down in prayer immediately.

🟡 Others say it is your ancestors shaking you awake to connect & give guidance.

The list goes on.



💥Nurse Dei™️-ism: Well, the way my mind is set up, I'm a perfect blend of all of the above. 😁 (-💊 theory)

And proud of it. But, don't call me a "witch." I don't like that word 😏 (for me).

"Healer, medicine woman, seer, reader, light worker, beautiful spirit & Divine soul walking this Earth sharing ancestral wisdom," I'll take all of that.🤭

Anywho, call yourself what you like and call it whatever hour you like.

I do believe there's some type of magical energy that pops out around this time.

It's been happening to me since I got the message to open Listening Hands®️

But erruh....I do get in the bed at 7:30-8ish. I be so excited to dive in the sheets. 🤣 So, technically, 3am would be 8 hours & ample amount of sleep.🤷🏾‍♀️ That's probably why I wake up. 😁

It's also the time that I don't see or hear any chirren (children).🙌🤭

*Excuse my vernacular. If you're new here, the Nurse Dei-ism portion is where I really break it down, with a fun lil twist, & some getting your hair braided in the kitchen, relaxed, popping your lips, 💋 eating something unhealthy type slang. 🤣

Have a little fun with me, if you will. I speak very well on cue. BAM. 💥 Professional back on. 💅😉



Advice: If you awaken in the wee hours (& you feel like you have gotten enough sleep),go ahead & get started on a calming task like writing down your thoughts. If you feel like you haven't gotten enough sleep, turn on some relaxation music, close your eyes, meditate, and/or pray. No 🤳📵

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