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Why Don't I Like to Post Clients for Listening Hands®️ LLC Marketing?

I want you to know that working with me is a safe space @listeninghands1

I want you to feel seen.

I want you to feel heard.

I want you to know that I am listening and that these hands will get to work to connect you with a solution.

I was blessed with the business name "Listening Hands" while I was deep in a relaxation state. There are so many levels to the meaning.


💫I LISTEN to my clients' needs & work for them with my HANDS.

💫I use my HANDS for medical intuitive work by placing them on or over the body and LISTENING to the intuitive feedback loop to know what is going on with a client physically.

I use my HANDS for spiritual intuitive work by placing them on or over the body and LISTENING to the energy flowing from the client to know where they are blocked.

💫I LISTEN to where there is a problem in the community or in processes & use my HANDS to get to work on a solution.

💫I LISTEN to my clients during sessions & use my HANDS to create products that will allow them to feel amazing even when they aren't in session.

And most importantly:

💫I LISTENED to my calling to get to work by using my HANDS to help others. 🥰🙌🏾




💥Nurse Dei-ism: I don't really like to take pictures of me interacting with people for my business because it could interfere with a client feeling safe when working with me.

I don't want anyone to feel like, "I can't go talk to her because her cameraman is going to snap a pic of me."

I don't want any client to feel like I can't go there because she's going to ask me to take a pic for her social media promotion.

This is why you get to see loads of lovely pics of me 😁 and not the clients that I work with or people in the community.



Sometimes, I hate to go to businesses that have that form: Sign this so that I can put you on my social media. I get it. A picture or a video is worth 1000 words. It let's people see what you do so that more clients can come, BUT it's extremely uncomfortable. (Even doctor's offices are asking you to be on their social media.)Saying no is still uncomfortable.

I don't want my clients to feel that. 🥰 I do appreciate tags & you asking to do videos. Thank you!🤗

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