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You Are Not More Deserving Because it Took You Longer to Do it

Let's talk about the above...👆🏾😁

Everybody is out here trying to get it, right?

PERSON 1️⃣ Took 5-10 years, thousands, and thousands of dollars to get started in whatever they wanted to do or produce the product that they wanted to produce.

➡️ NOW, they have what they want to put out into the world, and they are waiting for their flow from the universe. ⬅️ 🌎 💰💶🌌

PERSON 2️⃣ Jumped in the game after getting a feeling in their stomach about what they should do. They ran with that passion, started doing what they wanted to do, produced the product that they wanted to produce, and they are waiting for their flow from the universe ⬅️ 🌎 💰💶🌌

🗣Person 1 is NOT more deserving than person 2 "because they've been in the game longer!"

So many people feel this way, and it is concerning.

🔴There is no unwritten code that says you have to struggle in order to be worthy.

🔴There is no unwritten code that says whoever has struggled with the idea the longest deserves the flow of abundance.

🔴There is no unwritten rule that says whoever spent all of their years and money to get the business going deserves the clients.

If you've been struggling with it SINCE DAY ONE, then you may be out of alignment.

Alignment is. It just is. Alignment brings you your flow. You align with what is for your Highest good, and what's for you will flow to you.

I'm not saying that there won't be any difficult times that will require you to push through and build resilience.

However, if the entire journey has been uphill with no fulfillment, then SOMETHING is out of alignment.

Go back and look at your processes.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Cause baby I promise you, there are more folks coming down the pipeline.

Everybody is trying to get it by doing what they see the next person do. 😁

You better get your processes together, meditate, and listen to your intuition for how to make these money moves.

Just cause you've been struggling for 11 years and 5 days to bring your business idea to market doesn't mean Joe Blow ain't gone run into the game with the same idea and jump out here.

Make sure you are in alignment. Make sure it feels right in your stomach. You got it! 💪

I can help.

Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1.

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