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Drop the Word Support

You shouldn't have to, but you may need to change your terminology a little bit. Especially when talking to friends and family, it may be hard for them to see you as who you really are.

"Support my business" may sound like "help me keep myself afloat".

"Support my kids selling cookies" could sound like "help my kids cause we need your money."

"Support my event" could sound like "I need you to be there to make the event better."

"Support me at this event" could sound like "I need you there because I need you to hold me up."




💥Nurse Dei-ism: People hear the word support and it sets them off in the wrong direction.

Stop asking these folks to support you.

That word is only sending them off to talk about you because they think you need something.

And in all fairness the word support has multiple meanings, and one is being "to hold up or provide extra reinforcement."

I know that's not the definition of support you mean, but that's how they hear it.

So just say, "Yo I got what you need" or something 🤣

And do away with that phrase "support me."

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